Meat Dissociation Stimuli for Kunst & Hohle (2016)

Meat Dissociation Stimuli for Kunst & Hohle (2016)

Pork Roast



Lamb Chops


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Article to cite when using the stimuli:


Kunst, J. R. & Hohle, S. M. (2016) Meat eaters by dissociation: How we present, prepare and talk about meat increases positivity to eating meat by reducing empathy and disgust. Appetite, 105, 758-774. [PDF]



Additional Articles using the Stimuli:

Zickfeld, J.H., Kunst, J.R., & Hohle, S. M. (2018). Too sweet to eat: Exploring the effects of cuteness on meat consumption. Appetite, 120, 181-195  [PDF]

Kunst, J.R. & Haugestad, C.A.P. (2018). The effects of dissociation on willingness to eat meat are moderated by exposure to unprocessed meat: A cross-cultural demonstration, Appetite, 120, 356-366.  [PDF]